Earth's Unfortunate Angel

*About Erik

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Physical Description:

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Erik is, in his words, “obscenely tall,” approximately 6’7”. His eyes are gold and tend to appear to glow when he gets excited or angry. He is very, very long and thin but far stronger than he looks like he should be. He almost always wears, when he is not home or in another safe place, a full suit with gloves and boots, often with a scarf or hood to protect himself from the world. He has nearly a full head of straight black hair which he keeps long enough to fall into his eyes if it becomes tousled, though it is mostly swept back. His deformity, on the right side of his face and generally covered by his mask, is similar to what one would see in the Broadway show, although it extends less over his head and down past his lips and more over his forehead.

Erik is cursed with immortality, so he may meet characters anywhere in time. He tends to remain in Paris, but will travel if the occasion requires - if you do not state otherwise, he will assume we are in Paris. He is very unsympathetic and generally engages in contact for his own purposes. Occasionally, he will do so out of boredom, since he has an infinity ahead of him. He is deadly when provoked, but unlikely to start a fight if not needed. If he allowed himself to be examined by a doctor, he would be immediately diagnosed with synesthesia, sensory integration, and avoidant personality disorder. As time passes, he is working on the latter, but finds it hard due to the first two. 

He also has a condition known as situs inversis totalis, which means that all of his internal organs are reversed. It does not affect him.

Regarding his senses:

Erik has both sensory integration and synesthesia.

Synesthesia is when certain senses combine and cause hallucinatory experiences on a daily basis. When Erik is touched, he sees colors depending on the person, the intensity, and the intent behind the touch. He is also likely to confuse different physical touches, so something soft might feel hot, an a gentle touch can feel like pain. He has never been able to distinguish between smell and taste. His hearing is very keen, and when he hears words they flash in his mind as if he were reading them. Music is the same way - he can perfectly recreate on paper any tune he hears, even with an entire orchestra. It is rather impossible to sneak up on him.

Sensory integration also has to do with the senses. Basically, every one of his senses is incredibly acute, to the point of being painful at times. He can see very well, especially at night, and even very faint noises and smells are likely to irritate him, as they are as plain to him as if they were right before him. For this reason he often wears a scarf or a jacket with a high collar so that if needed he can block his nose, mouth, and ears. His sense of touch is also incredibly precise, and is another reason why he dislikes being touched. He has said that he feels the pressure of a feather quill as though it were a lead weight. This also helps when he does magic tricks; he does them so well that it appears he is using actual magic.

These two conditions combine to give him an extraordinary understanding of his physical world. He is able to detect people coming from hundreds of yards away, which is helpful if they’re trying to kill him, and he hears whispered conversations across the room as if the speakers were standing next to him. He understands the way that sound works enough to have perfected ventriloquism, which he often uses to confuse others. He is able to learn any language rather quickly and spoke seven languages fluently by the age of sixteen.

While these sort-of “superpowered” senses have been of great use to him at times, saving his life more often than he can keep track of, they have also nearly driven him mad. He is very adept at hiding his reaction to sounds that are too loud and unfamiliar touches, and only those who truly know him (very few indeed) know just how his senses work, and can use them to his pleasure or demise.

Regarding Money and Erik

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